13 Best Barn Wedding Resources to Share With Your Customers

13 Best Barn Wedding Resources to Share With Your Customers
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Farm-style weddings remain one of the most popular themes for 2018.

Barn weddings are also referred to as farm or country-style. What began as a popular trend has become a go-to standard for couples wanting to offer a more authentic, down-to-earth theme that encourages conversation and fun - and welcomes family.

Many brides-to-be spend countless hours browsing Pinterest, but aren’t sure where to go when it’s time to make things happen.

In this guide, we’ll give you 13 resources to share with your future brides and grooms who want a barn, farm, or country-themed reception. You’ll discover the best resources for:

  • Barn event tips
  • Farm-style furniture ideas
  • Reception decor ideas
  • Barn Reception Menu Ideas
  • Dress code ideas
  • Planning guides


Barn Event Tips

Should we? Shouldn’t we? Where do we begin planning a farm-style wedding? What’s involved?

Couples often choose barn and farm style themes after browsing Pinterest or Instagram. They come to you excited and filled with ideas, but aren’t sure what’s involved.

There are a lot of questions to answer and details to share, but you can save time by letting them browse through practical tips in advance.

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1. Tasty Catering’s Barn Wedding Tips

Here’s a tip list that offers a simple but helpful summary of what’s involved in a planning a barn-style reception. It includes some of the things unique to barns, like:

  • How to provide electricity, temperature control, and bathroom facilities
  • How to prepare lighting and entrances
  • Unique entertainment ideas like hayrides and horseshoes

This is a great resource for couples who are considering a farm theme. Besides offering practical tips, there’s enough inspiration included to keep them excited at the unique possibilities this style has to offer.

2. The Knot, “How to Have a Wedding Barn Planning Tips”

This is a handy guide packed with tips for things couples might not think of, like local ordinances, bug control, and allergy-proofing.


Barn Wedding Furniture Ideas

At the heart of every barn, farm, and country themed event you’ll find rustic-style furniture like farm tables and steel chairs.

Care must be taken to ensure that the furniture offers an underlying tone of elegance and sophistication.

Resist the temptation to DIY the furniture!

Quality tables and chairs set a tone of elegance and sophistication. Cutting corners in this area can be a quick way to end up looking cheap instead of chic.

Authentic barn tables and stainless steel chairs are a must for couples wanting to invoke a sense of country that maintains quality.

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3. Pinterest barn wedding ideas

Not only is Pinterest a great place to browse ideas for farm-style furniture, it’s also a great place to advertise your business. Pinners are actively looking for brands to purchase from. They offer local ad targeting and boast a 200% ROI. And your brides - are all on Pinterest!


Barn Wedding Decor Ideas

4. Tulle and Chantilly “30 Inspirational Rustic Barn Wedding Ideas”

Tulle and Chantilly offers 30 images of beautiful inspiration for barn weddings.

5. Stylish Wedd ”50+ Rustic Fall Barn Wedding Ideas”

This guide offers inspiration for many decor ideas, including floral settings, chalkboard menus, and farm-inspired lighting.

6. Bridal Guide’s Barn Wedding Ideas

This article is packed with beautiful images that offer decor ideas for barn style decor.

7. Houzz Barn Furniture Q & A

Houzz Design offers tips and tricks for bringing the farm theme home, for couples who want to take it a step further. Decor, logistics, and windows are among the topics asked and answered in the Q & A section.


Barn Reception Menu Ideas

Take your theme up a notch by offering country-style food. Here are some ideas you must see before making menu choices.

8. Intimate Wedding’s Barn Food ideas

In this guide, you’ll find everything from fresh produce to beautifully garnished main meals, alongside beautiful images. The list includes simple ideas that pack a punch - like fresh produce in baskets.

Barn Wedding Dress Code Ideas

Here are some tips that the bride and groom can share with their guests or incorporate into a formal dress code.

9. What To Wear To A Barn Wedding

Barn Wedding Central offers a fun list of farm-style dress ideas, such as:

  • Rustic dress ideas for ladies and men
  • Best colors to wear
  • What shoes to wear
  • Country handbags

10. Honey Fund “What to Wear to A Country Wedding”

This is a short list packed with great tips for people who want to attend a country-themed event without looking “too country.”


Barn Wedding Planning Guides

Keep the excitement going by offering your customers planning guides for short and long-term planning. Here are some of the best planning guides.

11. How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Colors

This is a fabulous resource to give your potential customers. It walks them through choosing their theme, so they’re prepared with color choices when it’s time to plan.

12. The Ultimate Barn Wedding Checklist

Here’s a detailed, but short, checklist for the bride and groom. It includes details specific to the theme, and you can download it free in PDF format.

13. 12-month Guide to Planning Your Perfect Barn Wedding

This is a long-form, step-by-step guide. It’s organized by month and includes detailed instructions to guide them through every step of their journey.

Informed customers are the best customers. Share the resources on this list to keep your happy brides inspired and excited to plan their farm-style wedding!


September 3, 2019
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