10 Reasons Why Venues Should Provide Rental Furniture

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By Connor Rusinko
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10 Reasons Why Venues Should Provide Rental Furniture

If you manage an event venue like a hotel, church, or country club, you already know how many thousands of details go into each occasion. They can range from the large-scale (“How many people can your venue hold?”) to the miniscule (“What color cocktail napkins do you have?”), but making sure that your customers walk away 100% satisfied with the overall event is always the biggest priority.

However, your other biggest priority is likely to be a little more measurable: did you turn a profit?

To make sure you’re doing more than just breaking even (or worse - losing money) on events, streamlining your operation is crucial for success.


When you need to protect your bottom line AND continue to provide top-notch service before, during, and after events, there are a few things you can do. One of the biggest is to buy folding chairs in bulk, as well as folding tables, instead of relying on rental equipment for every single event.

Skeptical? Don’t be. Here’s why:

10 Reasons Why Venues Should Provide Rental Furniture

1. Easier Set-Up

When you already having folding tables and folding chairs on hand, you don’t need to coordinate delivery, set-up, breakdown, or pick-up with outside vendors. When your team is ready to start setting up for an event, you can do it on your own schedule. How’s that for streamlining?

2. You’ll Save Money

What’s more profitable - investing one time on a product where you can increase your return time and again, or continuing to shell out hundreds (maybe thousands!) of dollars towards something you don’t own? When you buy folding chairs and tables rather than renting them, you’ll be able to use them over and over again, saving you money in the long run.

3. Still Customizable

Everyone wants their wedding or party to be a unique experience that reflects their personality. That can be through their color schemes, themes… you name it. If you’re worried about locking yourself into one “look” when you buy, don’t be. Everything from linens to chiavari chair cushion covers come in a variety of colors, so you can still offer a customizable experience without resorting to renting every time.

4. Free From Your Suppliers’ Limitations

When you own your own folding chairs and other rental equipment, you’ll never have the stress of relying on what your supplier has in stock - because you’ll always have it! Plus, you’ll be able to provide a much more cohesive visual package when you know your entire inventory matches and nothing has to be substituted due to stock shortcomings outside your control.

5. Customers Want Ready-To-Go Options

Less lead time for you means more confidence for them. When you own everything from folding tables to chiavari chairs, you can take the stress out of their planning, which will make you an incredibly attractive option as a venue.

6. It’s An Investment In Your Brand

There are seemingly limitless potential pairings of chairs, tables, tablecloths, etc. Take some of the guesswork out of events by investing in a cohesive combination that reflects your venue’s brand to maximize your marketing approach from every angle.

7. You’ll Get The Best Products

Let’s face it - rented event equipment is rarely (if ever) the best of the bunch. For example, if you rent a U-Haul and tell them that you’re driving it one way, do you think they’re going to part with the best truck in their fleet? No way! Same goes for rented folding tables and chairs. When you buy your own, you’re guaranteed to have brand-new, high-quality equipment instead of the same old floor models that get moved by who-knows-who.

8. Your Staff Will Be Thrilled

When your event staff is familiar with the event equipment, it makes their lives easier. No more finagling chairs they’ve never seen before or linens they have no idea how to fold. Set-up and tear down will get easier and easier as they get comfortable with the house-provided supplies.

9. You’ll Get The Best Long-Term Service From Your Supplier

Did a crossback chair finally wear out? Do you need a fresh order of linens? It’s much easier for you and your supplier to replace a few things here or there rather than coordinate rental orders constantly. Plus, if you’re buying folding tables, you’re probably going to need folding chairs, right? That means building a long-term relationship with a supplier you trust (like us!) and letting them handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on...

10. Protecting Your Bottom Line

And that’s the most important part of any business. When you own your own event rental supplies, you can include it in every contract. That’ll allow you more flexibility with client negotiations, upcharges, and so on while also providing a valuable service. Your customers will be happy, your staff will be happy, and you’ll be happy.

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August 28, 2019