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  • End-of-Season Inventory and Storage Tips

    The end of October.  The air cools, the geese start flying south, and kids eagerly await a night of trick-or-treating.  For party rental companies and many event venues though, the surest sign of the season is a warehouse or storage area that has been ravaged by the fall events.

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  • What's The Average Size of a Banquet Table?

    At EventStable, you ask and we answer.  Many of our prospective customers are either starting new event rental companies or event facilities.  Being new to the business, they find themselves searching for the best banquet tables for their events.

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  • How to Make Your Wedding Venue More Attractive to Brides (Think: "Included")

    When my then-fiance and I were planning our wedding, we considered a number of venues in the lovely Central Coast of California.  We looked at event centers, dedicated wedding venues, a few barns, and a handful of wineries. Continue reading

  • Why I Chose Chiavari Chairs as the First Chairs for My Rental Party Company

    Though I got my start here on the wholesale side of this event business, some of our customers know that I used to own my own tent and party rental company. After working for another wholesale table and chair supplier in San Diego as a Sales Manager, I found myself in beautiful Paso Robles, California, ready to embark on the sweet, sweet voyage that is the world of event rental.

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  • Storage Solutions for Tent Poles

    Rental tents are rapidly becoming important items for venues and rental businesses to offer as an add-on for big events and parties. However, party rental companies who have quick shelters or frame tents in their rental stock are then faced with a conundrum - what’s the best way to transport the canopies and tent poles?

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  • Prepping for Memorial Day & Other Outdoor Event Rentals

    Memorial Day is a hugely popular weekend for weddings, graduations, and other get-togethers that require outdoor event rentals. Are you prepared to meet the holiday demand?

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  • Spring Is Coming - How To Prepare For It

    Despite the promise of six more weeks of winter, spring is on the way! That means you are likely to see an increase in event bookings, both indoor and out. Time to bust out your wholesale folding chairs, shake out your ivory tablecloths, and get ready for patio parties!

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  • How to clean wooden folding tables

    Cleaning wooden folding tables is actually a fairly easy endeavor -- which is good news for venues and party rental companies.

    It’s important to always wipe down wooden folding tables after each event (at the very least) to help maintain their high quality and protect your investment, but there is a little more to it than that. From a simple water rinse to more intense cleaning solutions, here are some ways to best protect your wood folding tables to maximize ROI and ensure that you get plenty of years of use out of your inventory.

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  • How to Clean Spandex Chiavari Cushion Covers

    Laundering Chiavari chair cushions in between events is a step that some rental companies or venues sometimes wish they could avoid, but it’s actually a pretty simple endeavor. And if you’re skeptical about that remark, Event Stable has put together some quick tips on how to best clean your Spandex Chiavari cushion covers to make it as easy as possible, no matter if you’re a veteran of the industry or just getting started.

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  • Banquet Table Sizes Made Easy (Infographic)

    Balancing space and comfort with maximizing ROI can be a delicate dance for those with limited square footage at their disposal. Venues can only accommodate so many bodies, but you want to make sure that it doesn’t look sparse during your event either.

    That’s why it’s important to figure out how many banquet table sizes you need to customize events as per your guests’ requests. No matter if you’re a venue or party rental consultant, you’ll need to calculate what banquet table sizes you need in your inventory to make sure every event is good to go.

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