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  • 7 Ways to Make Money in the Slow Season with Your Party Rental Company

    When I was running my party rental company, Central Coast Tent & Party, I used to have some seriously mixed feelings about closing out the busy season and heading into the slow season.

    For one, we were all exhausted. I ran a lean crew, which meant that six days a week we were all scrambling to deliver tables and chairs, perform tent installs, take tents down, and so on. Continue reading

  • Why We Love Fruitwood Folding Chairs (And You Will Too)

    It’s safe to say every wedding has a theme and every wedding has its own story. A novel comprised of equal parts bride and groom, advancing chapter by chapter through the anthology of their collective lives together.

    Every piece of the bride and groom is shared throughout the day. From what wedding chairs they choose for the ceremony to what color table linens are used during dinner.

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  • Turn Your Dining Height Banquet Tables into Bar Height Tables on the Cheap

    Every so often as an event professional, you're going to run into times where you or your clients are going to need bar height tables. A lot of those times they're going to need more surface area than you can get from regular cocktail tables.

    Banquet tables would be perfect you think, or serpentine tables. The problem is, banquet tables with longer legs so they can be bar-height aren't readily available. Fortunately, we have a quick and dirty tip for a way you can make 42'' high tables out of the banquet tables you probably already own.

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  • Should I Use My Resin Folding Chairs Outside? (And Other FAQs About Your Event Tables and Chairs)

    Being an event venue owner or running a party rental company is stressful for myriad reasons. Not only are you constantly fielding questions from clients or customers, you’re also asking questions yourself.

    At EventStable we’re more than happy to help with every inquiry and the purpose of this blog is to hopefully do just that. We’re going to answer real questions from real customers and maybe bring you a little peace of mind along the way.

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  • Tips and Tricks: How To Care For Your Farm Tables

    Plastic folding tables and wood folding tables are like the Morgan Freemans of the event and rental industry.

    An illustrious and well documented career full of accolades and deservedly so. They have certainly been around awhile for a reason and if they’re anything like Morgan Freeman’s
    relentless IMDB page, they’re going to be around for a bit longer too.

    However, as versatile as the Alex Cross character might be, he’s not the answer for every story just like your plastic or wood banquet tables aren’t the ideal choice for every client or venue.

    Exit stage left and enter the wood farm tables or farmhouse tables as they’re also commonly referred to.

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  • 3 Efficiency Hacks for Wedding Venue Owners

    Hey there venue owner!

    I don’t know about you, but there are two things almost every venue owner I speak with is lacking: storage space at the venue and time. (There is no such thing as too much of either!)

    I’ll save storage space for a future article, but today we are going to dive into the topic of time.

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  • 27 Coastal Wedding Resources To Share With Your Customers

    Coastal weddings come in many different shapes and sizes. They’re a popular choice because they’re easy to personalize with design and fashion that celebrates the sea in a modern, yet timeless manner.

    There are as many variations of coastal weddings as there are beaches and harbors to host them. In this guide, we’ll offer tips and resources for a variety of coastal styles including beach, nautical, vineyard, and harbor themes.

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  • 24 Vintage Wedding Resources to Share With Your Customers

    Vintage-style weddings are one of the most popular themes for 2018. Strictly speaking, a vintage theme is styled around turn-of-the-century antiques and Victorian details. But, the definition of “vintage wedding” has expanded over time, and now includes options from the 30’s, 40’s, and even 50’s.

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  • 13 Best Barn Wedding Resources to Share With Your Customers

    Farm-style weddings remain one of the most popular themes for 2018.

    Barn weddings are also referred to as farm or country-style. What began as a popular trend has become a go-to standard for couples wanting to offer a more authentic, down-to-earth theme that encourages conversation and fun - and welcomes family.

    Many brides-to-be spend countless hours browsing Pinterest, but aren’t sure where to go when it’s time to make things happen.

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  • 6 Google Adwords Expert Tips for Your Party Rental Company

    Adwords experts share their best tips for how to get a jump on the competition.

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