10 Reasons to choose Resin Folding Chairs



So, you want to buy folding chairs and are having difficulty making a decision?  Here are 10 reasons why ourresin folding chairs are the right choice...


1. They look like wood.  Do you want that classic wood folding chair look, but want to avoid the maintenance?  Resin folding chairs are the way to go.  Our chairs are manufactured to adhere to the same dimensions and appearance as wood folding chairs.  


2. They’re durable.  Do you have a party rental business, or event venue that is tough on chairs?  No problem with resin folding chairs.  Toss these chairs around, stack them, unstack them, and toss them around again.  Because cleanup and maintenance are a breeze, these chairs can take a beating.  They are intended for commercial use and the rigors of the party rental industry!


3. The strength is uniform.  Not only are they durable, but they are strong.  Unlike wood, which can suffer from occasional weakness due to the natural wood grain, resin folding chairs are injection-molded with dual component resin, creating a uniformly strong discount folding chair.  


4. Easy maintenance.  These chairs are easy to keep looking like new.  Under normal use, a quick wipe with a “green” cleaner will do the trick.  You can even use a mild abrasive cleaner for stubborn soiled areas of the chair.  There is no painting and no varnishing to keep your resin folding chairs in tip-top shape.


5. They serve a variety of uses.  Resin folding chairs aren’t only durable and strong, but they fit in any application!  Use them as wedding chairs, for backyard parties, concerts, banquets, receptions, graduations, and so on.  Anywhere you need event seating you can count on your resin chairs.  

White Resin Folding Chairs and a huge tent


6.  Space savings.  Unlike traditional chairs, folding chairs save space.  Not only do your chairs fold, but they’re also stacking chairs.  Fold them up and stack them on top of each other up to 50 chairs high to maximize space savings.  Resin folding chairs are designed to nest with each other when stacked, so you can store them safely.  


7. Years of use.  You will literally get years of use out of your new resin folding chairs, maximizing your investment dollars.  Our party rental company customers report having some of the same chairs in service for 10 years or more!  And what chairs do you know that see more action than party rental chairs?


8. They’re comfortable.  With a padded seat and arched back design, these chairs are just comfortable.  Your guests will want to go from the ceremony right to sitting at the reception with these resin folding chairs.  There better be a good DJ to get them dancing!


9. Easy to transport.  Resin folding chairs are some of the easiest folding chairs to transport, because they are lightweight and nest with one another.  A variety of dollies and carts are available to make the process even easier.  Just stack these chairs quickly on a chair cart, and off you go!


10.  Appearance.  Lastly, let’s face it, these are just good looking chairs.  Unlike other resin folding chair manufacturers, ours has paid close attention into making a chair that is strong, durable, and attractive.  Clean lines and caps over the bolts help make this one of our best selling wholesale folding chairs.  


Sold?  Great!  Go here for our wholesale resin folding chairs.